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  1. A fully assembled ready use Kit:-going with International practice, our equipment within Boundary limit is “Ready to Use”. Shop assembly ensures Quality work & completeness of components.
  2. On line cleaning with Delta P Measurement – system is designed for Normal draft loss. System cleaning starts at set point. On-line cleaning happens for normal range of operation. When Delta P exceeds higher set point auto. Cut off of ID fan takes place & off-line cleaning takes place
  3. Special purpose Bags – we use non woven fabric by Ryton UK. A bag has PTFE / Teflon lamination of membrane. We have made selection considering clogging tendencies, cake dislodging efficiency & better mechanical strength during fatigue cycle.
  4. Well Designed distribution of gases – with Diverging inlet duct & Distribution vane; gas gets distributes equally over circumference of bag house. Gas modeling & our vast expired in the field helped our equipment design to refine gas distribution. This is key to effective ash removal
  5. Electromagnetic / Vibro pads – Easy removal of ash is possible with this feature frequency can be set based on load and fuel under use for every plant.
  6. Large Ash storage – Added to above features large size hopper give more ash storage and less reinsertion due to flue gas.
  7. System is designed with inlet outlet manometer, Temp gauges, peep holes and maintenance manholes easy hinged top door and ease of bag removal and replacement is designed.

Combo Packs

  • Bag Filters
  • ID Fan
  • Wet Scrubber
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SHARP Supply Bag Filter
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