Wet Scrubber, FGD-Flue gas Desulphurisation

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Comparison of Various Air Pollution Control Machines (APCM)

Parameters Wet Scrubber ESP Bag House Other APC MDC, Multi cyclone, Trema etc
SPM 100pm 100pm 50 ppm Generally 800-1000 ppm
SOx 100pm Not useful Not useful Not useful
Delta P 50-60mmWC 25-30mmWC 100-150mmWC 50-100mmWC
Installation / Space VerticalLow Ground space required Long Space Required- Bulky Space required Bulky VerticalLow Ground space required
Initial cost Medium Very High High Medium
Draft Loss Medium Low High Medium
Operation Cost Low- use of ETP Water High Electrical Cost High pressure loss call for Bigger ID power Very Low
Delivery Fast Long Long Fast
Material Of Construction SS316L Special Grade MS MS MS
Operation ease Attn required over water circulation. Easy to operate Trained engr required Attn required for operation No Attn required
Maintenance Cost Low – preventive cleaning High Very HighRegular Bag change requiredCompressed air required Low
Flexibility of Fuel Excellent Good. However sudden increase in ash% will call for more emission at outlet. Low, more than designed parameters and type of fuel may not work. Outlet parameters vary.
Fire Hazard Nil- Due to water inside Yes Yes Nil
Ash Handling Wet ash handling Dry ash- Fine required pneumatic conveying Dry ash- Fine required pneumatic conveying Manual- ash spreading takes place

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  • Proven Performance
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  • Guaranteed output and improved profitability
  • Suitable for latest pollution norms
  • Solid Modeling of equipments,assemblies

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