Turnkey Projects

Concept to Commissioning of Power Plants involving either Green Field- Expansion Project or Old Plant Relocation.

These Power Plants Projects involve mapping customer specific needs, working out firing system suitable for available fuel(s), Turbine selection, preparations of front end engineering like Heat Mass Dig., Plant Layout, Control scheme. Scope extends to Detailed Engineering, Vendor Sourcing, Manufacturing Inspection plan, Project Scheduling, Erection & Commissioning of power plants. All Documents shared with customer to train them during project execution.

In case of Old plant relocation careful study of existing layout, analysis of operation log sheets & residual life assessment of parts is carried out to enable conclude necessary upgrade requirements before relocation.

Boiler Supply for Power Generation & Process steam

  • New boiler Design, Supply, Erection supervision & commissioning

    Type of New boilers:

    • FBC- firing coal to risk husk, chicken litter, petcoke
    • Oil & gas fired including Packaged for process & power
    • Waste Heat recovery- for EAF, rotary kiln, Sponge Iron Plant
    • HRSG -down stream of GT
  • Old boiler upgradation
    • Pressure parts replacement
    • Design Improvement
    • Operational Improvements
Multi fuel Boiler under completion

R&M :- Renovation & Modernization of existing power plants

  • Improvement based-: fuel change, capacity enhancement, efficiency improvement.
  • Solution based-: solving steam temperature problems, repeated failures in particular area, removing operational limitations.
  • Control & Instrumentation modernization.
State-of-The-Art Power plant Relocation with Upgradation


Sharp Consultants also provides its services in the following sectors:

  • Engineering Studies
    • Conduct project feasibility studies
    • Engineering analysis for trouble-shooting
    • Condition assessment & remaining life analysis for old Power plants
    • Solid Modeling of equipments, assemblies
  • Engineering Assignments
    • Design & detailing of individual equipment
    • Large complex structural analysis using STAAD software
    • High pressure piping analysis- using CAESAR software
    • ASME design calculations documentation for pressure vessel
    • IBR calculations for old boiler getting relocated
  • Support Pillar for large Engineering Business Houses for their peak load
    • This involves complete design-drafting support for crashed schedule projects,
    • Deputation of our executive to customer plant locations for close co-ordination
  • Project Management
    • Vendor selection & sourcing of material
    • Execution follow-up for on schedule job completion
    • Third party Inspection of power plant equipments, preparation of Quality Plan-QAP
  • Cost Data Bank
    • We can provide lowest target price for power plant equipments to our customers based on their intended use & project specification.
  • Boiler Parts Sourcing
    • Membrane panel, inbed Evaporator Coils, Convention Bank, Headers.
    • Other pressure parts including drums
    • Deaerator, Blow down tanks
    • LP, HP, Dosing systems.
    • Efficient Steam-Water separating Drum Internals.
Boimass Bricket Fired Boiler


Working with Sharp Consultants you are assured of following benefits coming your way

  • Technical
    • Proven performance.
    • Complete solution -all peripherals are covered in the package.
    • Suitable for latest pollution norms
    • Extended life by another 15-20 Years for old power plant after upgrade
  • Commercial
    • Minimum Initial investment.
    • Faster execution resulting in “Early Revenue Recognition".
    • Guaranteed output.
    • Improved profitability.
Membrane Panel Furnace

Mode of operation

The Company studies all the minute details before offering you the best suitable proposal with alternatives / suggestions for customer assessment and selection. Company offers complete consultation & takes overall responsibility to put the project through from concept to its commissioning.Company guarantees the performance of the proposed equipment. We include required spares based on field experience in our supplies. Though complete responsibility lies with us we recommend our customers for direct buying from vendors to avoid increased cost on account of double handling, tax-duties.

Operational boiler Installation

Typical Project Execution Steps:

  • Conceptualizing-

    Where Design Basis, Operating Load Cases, C&I scheme, O&M Requirement are frozen after understanding site setup- skilled-semiskilled manpower, end application & it’s critical factor.

  • Detailed Engineering-

    Which means Process Calculations-Boiler Block sizing, Bought-out & Equipments sizing, Pipe Line sizing and generating a valve schedule, Foundation data generation, Strength Calculations, Generating Manufacturing Drawings.

  • Planning-

    Project Schedule & interaction points with others, for bought out items, Important Inspection points, Review requirements and it’s schedule.

  • QAP-

    Working out quality assurance plan for Raw material inspection, Manufacturing in-stage and final inspection, bought-out items test-bed run witness, review of documents.

  • Erection & Commissioning-

    Decide erection sequence, identify parallel fronts and manpower requirement.

Solid Modeling Assignment

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  • JCT- Hoshiarpur
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