In case of boiler system, Water Preheater (WPH) can be provided to utilize the flue gas heat for pre-heating the boiler feed water. Consequently, there is a corresponding reduction in the fuel requirements of the boiler.

For every 220 C reduction in flue gas temperature by passing through an economiser or a pre-heater, there is 1% saving of fuel in the boiler. In other words, for every 60 C rise in feed water temperature through an economiser or WPH, there is 1% saving of fuel in the boiler

Salient Features of our WHR Boiler:

  1. We offer High efficiency water tube, Saturated Steam Boiler
  2. We offer you IBR grade boiler
  3. Multi pass, membrane panel design
  4. Flue gas will pass from outside Tube, Boiler suitable for Dusty gas.
  5. Water will pass from inside Tube.
  6. Modular Design. That means easy & quick site work.
  7. Boiler will be located at higher elevation. NO limitations of site space.
  8. Boiler offered is with STD Min Mountings and Accessories
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WPH-Water Preheater

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